Financial Literacy Outcome Evaluation Tool feedback

screening questions

Please answer the following to help the tool learn about your program. Based on your answers, a list of scales and individual questions will be recommended for you. If you do not have a full understanding of evaluation, you should consider working with evaluation professionals or experts in order to set up an effective evaluation of your program.

Please limit your answers to the outcomes that your program is directly seeking to achieve, not what you hope it may achieve in the future. For example, if you are offering a one-day workshop on financial literacy, you may hope to see a behaviour change in the long term. However, your program is accountable for ensuring that participants have gained an understanding of the financial concepts you covered during the workshop. As such, you may be best served by measuring the success of your program through a change in knowledge, not a change in behaviour. Remember, only measure the outcomes that your program is accountable for.

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